'NZ European'

who we consider to be a New Zealander.

The question of identity is a central part of the Census, and helps officials know what is needed to achieve fair social outcomes in Aotearoa.

But the options offered in response to the Census question has seen some question what message this sends to other minority groups who can also trace their ancestry several generations back in New Zealand.

Jess Wong is the producer of Sik Fan Lah!, a show that helps viewers explore contemporary Chinese New Zealand life through food. She says the use of the term NZ European does create a distinction.

"It does make us feel 'othered'," she says. "In a certain sense anybody who has filled out the survey, aside from maybe Harry Styles is a New Zealander and would identify themselves that way."

Link to video and article: 'NZ European' term raises questions over who is considered a Kiwi (1news.co.nz)


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