New chair must fix clumsy and poorly delivered

Health NZ super-agency

Exclusive: The sacked health chair offers some forthright advice to his successor on addressing extensive waste, resolving recruitment, retention and pay anomalies, and partnering with the wider health sector.

Opinion: Te Whatu Ora is at the very beginning of its journey towards Pae Ora healthy futures. While not chair, I will be on that journey along with the rest of our population. It is very important to us all, and to later generations, that this journey is a success and does not take longer than is absolutely necessary. I share these thoughts as a private citizen, though all are matters I have advocated from within.

The initial period has been one focused significantly on getting governance and senior management structures established for the largest corporate entity we have. Not only is this amalgamating a large number of organisations and their separate systems and processes, but it is also and necessarily a shift to a much more efficient and modern corporate structure. That is not fully done but the path is set. That now has to be promptly completed and management systems activated around accountable performance targets.

Link to article: Rob Campbell: New chair must fix clumsy and poorly delivered Te Whatu Ora health super-agency | Newsroom


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