We need adults

to support us for the School Strike for Climate

Teenagers don’t strike because they fancy time off school, they do it because it’s the most effective tool they have to make their voices heard. But they need adult support, not condemnation

Opinion: On March 3, protesters across Aotearoa will hit the streets for the annual global climate strike. The main organisers of these strikes are teenagers. Our afterschool hours are filled with committee meetings, incessant emails, phone calls, and climate anxiety, but above all, an unshakeable determination to make these strikes a success.

My generation is growing desperate. With each passing year of unfulfilled political promises and unambitious climate policies, we are watching our future become unliveable. We don’t strike because we fancy a day off school, we strike because it’s the most effective tool we have to make our voices heard. But we can’t do it without your support.

Link to article: We Need Adults To Support Us For The School Strike For Climate | Newsroom


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