Whanganui River Māori

offer support in Colorado River crisis talks

A delegation of Whanganui River Māori is travelling to the United States to support North American Indigenous leaders and tribes of the under threat Colorado River.

The delegation to crisis talks in Arizona is representing Te Awa Tupua, the Whanganui River. It includes the two people appointed by the river tribes as Te Pou Tupua, the human face and voice of the Whanganui River.

Over 10 days Keria Ponga, Turama Hawira and the rest of the delegation will meet with many of the 30 tribal nations who have historic ties to the Colorado River basin in what is now the United States and Mexico.

The exchange will focus on the plight of the dwindling Colorado River. The waterway is in decline due to chronic overuse, including increasing water take for irrigation, and the effects of climate change. There are fears the river system could collapse.

Link to article: Whanganui River Māori offer support in Colorado River crisis talks | RNZ News


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