There are no easy fixes

for NZ’s growing truancy problem

We need to recognise truancy as a complex problem that requires complex policy solutions

Opinion: As schools open their doors after the summer break, how many students won’t turn up?

Truancy has emerged as one of New Zealand’s more significant education problems. While student absenteeism increased sharply after Covid-19 hit, there is evidence of a much longer, steady decline in attendance.

Our schools have lower student attendance than many other countries – and the rate of wagging is growing.

In 2019, the rate of regular attendance was just 58 percent – down from 70 percent in 2015. In term 2 in 2022, the fallout from Covid saw it drop as low as 39.9 percent.

Similar countries to us have much higher rates of regular attendance – for example, the UK has 90 percent (2020/21) and Australia has 73 percent (2019).

Link to article: There are no easy fixes for NZ’s growing truancy problem (msn.com)


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